Dr. Mohammed Hasson Abdullah Ali

Dr. Mohammed Hasson Abdullah Ali

Assistant Professor in Civil Law
Email: mohd.abdullah@ustf.ac.ae
Phone: +971509450653

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  • Doctor of Philosophy of Law, 2007
    Faculty of Law - University of Shams - Egypt
  • Master of Private Law, 2000
    Faculty of Law - University of Aden
  • Bachelor of Law, 1994
    Faculty of Law - University of Aden

Employment History

  • He has a media background in Yemeni radio and television and five years of teaching experience in public education.
  • Teaching all private law courses for 13 years.
  • Teaching business law in English.

Academic Experience

  • Master's thesis on legal methods of privatization.
  • In addition, a doctoral thesis on a special legal system for the protection of computer software.
  • Multiple researches in intellectual property rights, privacy and information technology legislation in the Journal of Sharia and Law - UAE University - and the Journal of the Kuwait International College of Law.

Research Areas and Interests

  • It is interested in linking philosophy and law through privacy research and artificial intelligence from a legal philosophical point of view.

The Journal Publications in the Last Five Years


Articles (Selected)

  • The special nature of information programs between criminal and civil law - Legal Studies Conference, Mecca, December 11-13, 2022.
  • The problem of artificial intelligence technologies having the quality of authorship. (Fundamental study) - Accepted for publication by the Kuwaiti Law Journal. On February 8, 2022

  • A jurisprudential vision on the convergence between some provisions of insolvency and bankruptcy laws - Journal of Legal Sciences - Ajman University - July 2022.

  • The legal system for protecting personal data processed electronically - Journal of Legal Sciences - College of Law - Ajman University - July 2021.
  • The right to informational self-determination - Sharia and Law Journal - UAE University, October - 2021.
  • Problems of legal protection of databases, Journal of the Kuwait International College of Law. December 2018.