International Students


1.   Apply Online

 Apply Online Here

Prepare all required documentation and certificates.

2.    Documents Required for Admission

  • Application form, which may be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Registration, to be filled in by the applicant.
  • Equivalency certificate issued by the Ministry of Education in UAE for the holders of non-UAE high school certificates.
  • UAE Secondary School Certificate, or its equivalent, and grade transcript. Only certified copies are acceptable.
  • Photocopy of a valid passport and a residency visa (if applicable).
  • Photocopy of a valid Emirates ID Card (UAE residents only).
  • Birth certificate.
  • Health certificate.
  • Status of UAE National Service for male students.
  • A valid certificate of good conduct issued by an official body.
  • Six passport-sized photographs with the applicant’s full name on the back of each.
  • A signed “declaration” by the applicant stating that he/she will observe university rules and regulations.
  • If available, certificates of EMSAT scores or equivalent according to the admission requirements of to USTF academic programs listed in Table 2.1.
  • Applications will be processed by the Office of Admissions and Registration only after the payment of application and registration fees.
    • Certification of Documents
  • Newly admitted students are requested to have their documents certified before the end of the first semester of study; otherwise, their registration will be suspended.
  • Secondary school certificates obtained in the UAE must be certificated by the UAE Ministry of Education.
  • Secondary school certificates obtained abroad must be certificated by the Ministry of Education in the origin country, and by either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin and the UAE embassy in that country, or by the embassy of the country which issued the certificate, and by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3.    Online Submission

  • Submit an online application with the required documents.
  • Pay the application fee of 1365 AED + 5% VAT,

4.   NOTES

  • Other requirements might apply based on an applicant's specific school system. The Office of Admission and Registration has the right to request any supporting documents.
  • The applicant who does not satisfy the minimum English proficiency requirements may be accepted (in some programs) on a conditional basis and must participate in the English course offered by Continuing Education Centre (CEC).
  • Unattested scans will be accepted to start the application process. However, applicants will be required to show attested original documents in person before enrolling at USTF
  • Applicants who applied for the equivalency certificate from the UAE Ministry of Education but did not complete the equivalency process by the time of registration will be allowed to register provided that they sign a conditional admission contract, and they must submit a copy of the Ministry of Education application receipt
  • The decision to admit an applicant is made on a competitive basis, considering the number of available seats as determined by the individual college and the applicant’s final CGPA.


5.   Upon Acceptance

  • Sit for the personal interview set by the College for the programs BDS, Pharmacy, Law, and all undergraduate Business Administration programs.
  • In the case that EmSAT scores in Mathematics and two science subjects are not available, you shall sit an equivalent Admission Exam designed by the College which includes Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics. for the programs of Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy.
  • Pay Deposit online to reserve your seat (Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy) click here for more information.
  • For a visa, please contact the Office of Public Relations, click here or +97192023640. 
  • To apply for EmSAT exams if required click here or call +97192023402
  • For housing, please contact the Deanship of Students Affairs, click here or + 97192023428 Make plans to attend orientation, registration, and the convocation ceremony (all held on campus one week before the start of classes). 
  • Arrange for your medical check-up click here for Medical Check-up Form, for any inquiry call 97192023690 (No medical report test performed outside the UAE is accepted).

6.   After Arrival

Please plan to arrive in the U.A.E. at least one week before the start of classes at USTF to attend orientation, registration, and the convocation ceremony. You must also complete the following processes in person:

  • Submit all original attested documents and certificates if you are asked to do that.
  • Apply for the MOE Equivalency, and submit it to the Admissions & Registration office
  • Submit a copy of your UAE residency.
  • Apply for your UAE National ID. The Office of Public Relations will advise on the procedure.