International Management and Cross-Cultural Business Skills.

When: Wednesday, December 09, 2020 07:00 PM
Where: Fujairah

International Management and Cross-Cultural Business Skills.

 How to increase your business profits, managing a diverse working force. 

 The United Arab Emirates is home for over 180 nationalities. The business and working environment in UAE represent one of the most diverse in the entire business world. 

 This diversity represents a source of intellectual, economical, and cultural richness for the UAE, as well as a great challenge due to the different cultural backgrounds. 

 According to the latest research, a multicultural diverse working force is more efficient when solving problems and generating new ideas within the workplace and generates between 30 to 35 percent more profits than a non-diverse working force.  

 The goal of this conference is to develop awareness on how to manage a diverse working force and learn to maximize the synergies within the organization, to positively impact the profits of the company. 

 We will also learn the 6 persuasion strategies that work across cultures when doing international business.





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