The Online 12th Student Scientific conference”

When: Monday, April 27, 2020 09:45 AM
Where: Online



Dear Beloved Students,


Invitation to participate in the 12th Student Scientific Conference


To encourage students’ positive participation in co-curricular activities, the DGSR at USTF is organizing the 12th Student Scientific Conference, online, on Monday and Tuesday, 27 and 28 April 2020.


All participating students shall receive electronic certificates and the first students in each college shall receive certificates of excellence.


Participate students are kindly requested to register their names with the college secretary and provide a summary of their research or project within 200 words as a Microsoft Word file, to include be included in the conference booklet. Please prepare your PowerPoint presentation within 15 minutes according the guidelines in the attached Presentation Template.


Best wishes to all the participants


Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research


 Regstration Form 



Presentation Template



Research or Project Title

Student1, Student2, ………

Supervised by Dr. ……… (First Name) ……… (Last Name)


Summary: The summary outlines the solution for a problem or the development of a new system. It explains the challenges and the potential applications for a solution.

The summary should be informative for the readers to understand the problem domain, why previous solutions are insufficient, why the problem is relevant, and how this research work shall fill this gap.


Methodology: The method of study provides the information needed for is judgement of the research validity.

It includes a clear and precise description of how the research was done, and the logical bases for why specific practical procedures were chosen.


Conclusion: Indicate the advantages, limitations, and potential applications. Conclusion may review the main points of the research subject

but does not replicate the abstract. The conclusion highlights the importance of the research work or suggest further studies in the future.


Keywords: About three to five keywords are mentioned in alphabetical order and separated by commas.


References: References must be numbered and ordered according to where they are first mentioned in the presentation and only the references cited are included.





Contact: 092023541