Report on the scientific field visit to the criminal laboratory in Fujairah

Sunday, Oct 24, 2021

On Wednesday, 20/10/2021, the College of Law at the University of Science and Technology in Fujairah organized a scientific visit for college students to the forensic laboratory and crime scene at the Fujairah Police General Command, under the supervision of Dr. Amin Dahmash, Associate Professor of Criminal Law; This is to inform the college students about how to seize, seize and examine evidence related to the crime, and to take the scientific means to preserve it to prevent tampering with it or changing its features. Major/ Muhammad Ahmad Al-Qaywdi presented the procedures followed to collect evidence from the crime scene, starting with the work of the security cordon, camera and video recording, and then marking and numbering in preparation for capturing and preserving them by scientific means. Captain/ Kholoud Hamad Al-Khalidi, Director of the Criminal Laboratory, talked about the procedures followed in examining physical evidence and employing the latest equipment in analyzing samples taken from drug users to determine the type of drug or psychotropic substance that was used or seized, to see if it was among the narcotic substances listed in the tables attached to the Anti-Narcotics Law Emirati Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, and the expert in chemical and biological analyzes, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ghazali, presented the scientific methods used to examine chemicals, toxins, explosive materials and the effects of fires, and how to measure the amount of alcohol in the blood and determine the percentage in which a person is considered to be an intoxicant abuser. The presentations included presenting questions from the students present and their responses. Dr. Amin Dahmash and the students present gave thanks and praise to the experts and specialists in crime scenes and the criminal laboratory for these useful scientific presentations and for the generous hospitality and warm reception.