The University of Science and Technology of Fujairah celebrates the International Day of Social Work

Wednesday, Apr 07, 2021

The University of Science and Technology of Fujairah celebrates the International Day of Social Work

        The Department of Sociology and Social Work at the College of Humanities and Sciences, University of Science and Technology of Fujairah organized the celebration of the International Day of Social Work under the slogan: “Together to promote social solidarity and global interdependence” on Tuesday April 6, 2021 through the Microsoft Teams program at 10A.M. The management and the organization of the celebration were done under the supervision of Dr. Asmaa Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Social Work.

        The celebration comes to raise awareness of the value of the social work profession and highlight the importance and contributions of the social workers’ role in society. The ceremony was inaugurated by His Excellency Prof. Dr. Zain Al-Abidin Rizk, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs - Dean  of Humanities and Sciences college .He valued the efforts and role of the United Arab Emirates as one of the most important pioneering countries in humanitarian work in providing humanitarian services, and achieving equality and social justice among the various groups of society.

     A number of faculty members in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at the University also participated. Dr. Faisal Al-Matalqaa, Associate Professor, Sociology Department, has delivered a speech   about the role of social work between generations in society at the age of solidarity. In addition, Dr. Ramadan Ismail, assistant professor of social work department, talked about the importance of social workers ’commitment to the ethical charter for the social work profession.  Also  a number of those who are associate to the social work in different foundations and associations have participated ,  presented in  Mr. Sherif Ahmed Abu Shadi, a consultant at the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, who spoke about the importance of the role of social workers in providing care to various groups of society .He also emphasized the preparation of social workers and the selection of people who own the qualities, skills and abilities that qualify them to carry out their role. He pointed out the importance of focusing on activating the role of Scientific research in community service .Additionally, Ms. Hessa Al Kaabi, head of the Student Protection Unit at the Emirates Foundation for School Education, has  spoken about the role of the social worker in achieving the quality of life and improving the psychological, physical, mental and social health of students. She stressed the importance of a holistic view when dealing with students' problems from a perspective that addresses all aspects, and  patterns associated with the student, especially the family pattern. After that, MS. / Ruqayya Al-Raisi, President of the Youth Platform and a member of the Sociological Association, has completed about the role of the social worker during the Corona pandemic through  activating the initiatives and awareness-raising workshops, studies and applied research that the Sociological Association initiated to face the pandemic. In turn, Ms. Maimuna Hussein, a social worker in Sharjah for Humanitarian Services, presented a speech in which she clarified the role of social work in the field of caring for people with disabilities, focusing on the role of the social worker with the student, family and society to work on comprehensive rehabilitation and providing integrated care :medical, psychological, social and educational support, and focusing on various recreational activities.  She also stressed the  importance of vocational rehabilitation for people with disabilities to invest their energies and abilities. After that the graduate / Amna Al-Badwawi has given  a speech on behalf of the graduates through which she spoke about social solidarity as an ethical value, and also highlighted the importance of activating the role of the social worker and his responsibility towards working to achieve the preventive, curative and developmental goals of the profession.

The celebration comes in light of many of the social challenges that impacted the lifestyle and communication among society members. On top of these challenges comes the issue of digital transformation and the sudden change in the professional roles of social workers, which requires reconsideration of programs for preparing and qualifying social workers to provide them with the necessary capabilities and skills, and to enable them to perform their role efficiently and effectively in light of the current developments.