Winning the First Place in the Student Scientific Research Competition at the third African Forum for Innovation and Technology for the current year

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022

Winning First Place in the Student Scientific Research Competition at the third African Forum for Innovation and Technology for the current year

Cybersecurity students in the Departments of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the College of Engineering and Technology achieved first place in the competitions of the African Forum for Innovation and Technology held at Zayed University in Dubai this year. The students submitted a research paper entitled "Using Deep Learning for Detecting Cyber Web Attacks". The vibe of the forum was full of competition between 56 teams from different Arab and African countries in various scientific research, innovation, and technology competitions including student scientific research competitions covering artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the internet of things, sustainability topics, the production of technological projects, robotics, electronic games, and mobile applications competitions.

The research paper investigates the usage of artificial intelligence methods to identify intrusions by malicious parties to deface website content and change the visual appearance of the intruded website. The approach uses to detect changes intended on the website uses a deep learning model to train the convolutional neural network to detect defacement websites.