Climate Change and Sustainability

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2023

As part of the series of events related to climate change, the university's Community Service Committee organized a lecture on climate change and sustainability presented by Dr. Ramadan Ismail. The lecture was attended by an appreciable number of university students. Providing this lecture offered students the opportunity to understand the importance of environmental preservation and adopt sustainable behaviors to ensure a better future for everyone.
The lecture emphasized the importance of sustainability as a means to preserve natural resources and mitigate the negative effects of environmental changes. Dr. Ramadan presented possible solutions and creative ideas to address the challenges of climate change in society.
The students showed noticeable interest in the topic and interacted with the presented content, reflecting their deep understanding of climate change and sustainability issues. This enhances awareness of environmental issues and encourages the preservation of planet Earth.
Such events contribute to the advancement of the university community by promoting awareness of social and environmental responsibility among the younger generations.