Counseling and Happiness Center (CHC)

  •  Mission:

  • The Center is specialized to offer services and support to the university community as well as enhancing research, training, and education, supporting resilience and determination, and improving the quality of life.
  • All services of the center shall be free of charge for the university community including students and staff.
  • In the Counseling and Happiness Center, you can talk with one of the counselors, and be sure of privacy and safety. All information will remain fully confidential.
  • Individual Counseling:

Our counselors can help you deal with the difficulties facing you, and offer you counseling and advice to overcome personal and academic challenges. They can help you overcome feelings of depression, anxiety, tension, or oppression, overcome social relationships problems, drug abuse, eating disorders, sleep disorders, self-harm, and trauma.

  • Group Counseling:

Group counseling offers you a safe venue for reducing individuals’ feelings of loneliness regarding the problems they face. The competence and uniqueness of group counseling stem from teamwork and listening for each other (you are not suffering alone).

  • Workshops and Training:

We offer workshops covering a variety of topics such as full awareness, self-confidence, and anxiety management. All workshops and training sessions will be announced via e-mail.


General Goals:

  • Attending to, studying, assessing, and proposing paradigms for dealing with scientific, psychological, pedagogical, and cultural needs and problems.
  • Public awareness of important life issues and how to deal with them.
  • Spreading the culture of psychological consultations and deepening a sound understanding of dealing with psychological problems, marital life, family life, and work.
  • Creating a positive climate toward psychological consultations.
  • Dealing with family and marital issues.
  • Assisting students to achieve life development through psychological adjustment and social adaptation.
  • Developing problem-solving skills and choice and decision-making foundations (self-confidence, goal achievement, positive thinking, etc.)
  • Developing skills for dealing with a psychological disorders such as anxiety/phobias, depression, life stresses, tantrums, sleep disturbance, etc.
  • Developing positive thinking skills.
  • Cooperating with related specialized centers and organizations.
  • Contributing to the preparation of cadres specialized in psychological and social consultations.

Proposed Services of the Center:

  • Offering research consultation to young researchers regarding topics they investigate.
  • Conducting computer-based statistical analysis of data.
  • Offering technical consultation to organizations working in the field of development.
  • Local and international accreditation of the Center.
  • Offering family consultation and counseling for students and the surrounding local community.


The areas of services at the Center include:

  1. Psychological Counselling:

This process aims at providing individuals with assistance to understand themselves, realize their abilities, identify their problems and deal with them, develop their life management skills, overcome life stresses, invest all their powers in achieving adjustment, and effectively build their future.

  1. Marital Counselling

This process aims at helping individuals deal with all the dimensions of marital life from the basics of selection and decision-making, to the problems of marital life, the development of marital skills, such as interaction and communication, and any skill that can contribute to marital stability and happiness.

  • Family Counselling

It is the process of helping family members (as individuals or as a group) understand family life and overcome difficulties that encounter the family and threaten its being and stability; develop interaction, communication, and problem-solving skills to attain efficiency and family stability, which reflects in turn on social security and development in the society.

  1. Educational Counselling

It aims at helping students adjust to university life and the problems, maladjustment, and difficulties they may face, by helping them identify their abilities and potentials, and develop their life skills, which helps improve their university and life journeys.


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The Center for Counseling and Happiness contributes to the development of students' and community’s journey through specialized services offered to the family and society in light of the current and future challenges facing the family and the accelerated transformations in societies.