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The 16th Student Scientific Conference at the University of Science and Technology of Fujairah Under the Slogan of “Breaking Boundaries to Explore Innovative Research”

Thursday, May 02, 2024

In continuation of the student scientific events and activities at the University of Science and Technology of Fujairah, the 16th Student Scientific Conference was organized on Wednesday and Thursday, 1st and 2nd of May 2024, under the slogan of “Breaking barriers to explore innovative research”. Wednesday, 1st of May 2024, was designated for evaluating female students’ research projects, and Thursday, 2nd May 2024, was designated for evaluating male students’ research projects. 

During the preparation phase for the conference, all university students were invited to participate in it, especially students in the final years of their university studies or about to graduate due to their advanced scientific and methodological experience in conducting research. The instructions and steps for participating in the conference and the means of presentation were also announced, in addition to the research evaluation criteria. The students were asked to address the main themes of the conference and its slogan as part of the university’s social responsibility and to highlight the role of university students in effectively contributing to facing important national and global challenges. 

The number of participants in this year’s student scientific conference was   194 male and female students from 6 different colleges and 171 team, under the supervision of 30 faculty members, according to the following table: 


No. College     Number of Research Supervisors Number of Participating Students Number of Participating Research Teams
1 College of Engineering and Technology 8 70     74
2 College of Dentistry 8 23     28
3 College of Law 3 9 11
4 College of Business Administration 3 43 30
5 College of Humanities and Sciences 7 40 25
6 College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 1 9 3


Students presented their research projects to the jury members for each college, which consisted of two to three faculty members, depending on the specialization and the number of submitted research projects. To ensure integrity and objectivity, the faculty member supervising the research project submitted by students was excluded from the jury that reviews the research they supervised. 

One winning team was selected for each specialization. The following table shows the names of the winning teams and students, in addition to the research project supervisors: 




Winning Research Project

Winning Team Members

Research Supervisor

1 How to copy text without copying its format or its properties? Deep Learning –based System for Photovoltaic Defect Detection by Using IR Images Abdullah Elshmay Dr. Yomna Shaker
2 College of Engineering and Information Technology / Information Technology Project Management Tools and Techniques for IS remote teams effectiveness Abdullah Youssef
Abdullah Ahmed
Dr.Mohammed Salaht
Smart City Infastructure Management: Bulding Asustainable Future Mohammed Bader
Ahmed Khader
Prof.Mulhim Aldoori

Proactive Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation Tool
Ahmed Ameen Dahmash  Dr Liaqat Ali
3 College of Dentistry Contemporary Practice in Root Canal Treatment Among Graduate Ahmed Zaouali
Gasser Bahaa
Prof.Aziza Eldarat
Effectiveness and Safety Consideration Of Antimicbial Local Drug Delivery Agents in Periodontics: A Systematic Review Ahmed Zaouali Dr.Nabeel Kalluvalappil
4 College of Law عقد الزواج الإلكتروني  سيف سعيد اليماحي 
ابراهيم سعيد اليماحي
أ.د خلف المحمد 
5 College of Business Administration Game Theory and Business Law: Is There a Connection? Mohamed Wassim Dimassi Dr. Hazem Aldabbas
Comprehensive Total Quality System Analysis:  Etisalat  Mohamed Wassim Dimassi
Mohamed Alnaqbi 
Dr.Abdallah Elamin 
6 College of Humanities and Sciences / Sociology and Social Work لصعوبات التى تواجه الاخصائيين الاجتماعيين بالمدارس الحكومية راهيم اليليلي 
احمد الحفبتي 
سعيد اليماحي 
سلطان الغوبي
طارق الحفيتي
د.أسماء أحمد مصطفي 
7 College of Humanities and Sciences / Psychology لعلاقة بين الآثار النفسية للعنف الأسري والتوافق النفسي لدى الأبناء  بطي عيسى حسن الزعابي د.شيماء باشا
8 College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences  Artificial intelligence (AI) role in pharmacy Mohanad Ahmed Al-Hussein 
Mahmoud Hamdi Alkomy
Mohamed Hazem
Dr. Srinivasan Ramamurthy


Students who won first place were honored, and electronic certificates were prepared for all participants, in addition to the supervisors, judges and event organizers.


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