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University's Participation in the First Arab Forum on Water Scarcity in Jordan during the period of February 8-9, 2024

Monday, Feb 12, 2024

Based on the nomination of His Excellency Professor Dr. Ali Abu Al-Nour, the University's director, and a gracious invitation from His Excellency Professor Dr. Mohammed Sannad Abu Droush, the Director of the First Department of Science and Scientific Research at the Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Science (ALECSO), to attend and participate in the "First Arab Forum on Water Scarcity and Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions" under the theme "Innovation for Sustainable Water Management." The event was organized by the organization in Jordan in collaboration with the Jordanian National Committee for Education, Culture, and Science, and the College of Agriculture at the University of Jordan.

The forum, held at the College of Agriculture at the University of Jordan in the capital, Amman, on February 7 and 8, 2024, included the following four axes:

1. Axis One: Innovation and Technology to Address the Challenges of Water Scarcity.
2. Axis Two: Ways and Mechanisms for the Development and Dissemination of Innovation for Sustainable Water Management.
3. Axis Three: Effective Governance and Integrated Water Resources Management.
4. The Fourth Axis of the Forum: "Modern Concepts in Water Management."

The organizing committee selected the University's presented topic within the third axis of the forum, "Effective Governance and Integrated Management of Water Resources - Adaptation to Climate Change and Environmental Degradation, especially in water-stressed areas." The presentation, titled "Evolution of Surface Water and Groundwater Harvesting in the United Arab Emirates from Traditional Systems to Modern Technologies," is scheduled for the second session on the first day of the conference, February 8, 2024, as indicated in the conference program (Attachment 1).

The presentation is expected to take 20 minutes, excluding questions, and will cover the following topics:

1. Objectives
2. Climate
3. Water Resources
4. Traditional Methods of Water Harvesting
5. Advanced Techniques for Water Harvesting
6. Conclusions

The conference program, held at the main meeting hall of the College of Agriculture at the University of Jordan, included the following events:

Day One

Opening ceremony
First session
Second session

Day Two

Third session
Fourth session
Panel discussion: Youth's Vision and Perspective on Water Scarcity
Discussions, recommendations, and closing ceremony
The discussion session concluded with the reading of the recommendations.



Attached 1. Forum Program

Attached 2. Abstracts Handbook