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USTF Hosts Lecture on Juvenile Care Programs in the UAE

Wednesday, Jul 03, 2024

As part of its policy to enhance community engagement and provide students with direct knowledge and practical experience, the University of Science and Technology of Fujairah (USTF) recently organized a lecture for students of the Sociology and Social Work Department. The event aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application.

 The lecture, titled "Juvenile Care Programs in the UAE," was held on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at the university premises. It was supervised by Dr. Asmaa Ahmed and presented to students enrolled in the Social Work and Juvenile Care course. The session featured speakers Captain Hamad Al Samahi and Civilian Shaima Al Shamsi from the Department of Community Care, General Directorate of Community Protection and Crime Prevention, Ministry of Interior.

 This collaboration between USTF and the Department of Community Care seeks to familiarize students with social care programs for juveniles in the UAE and practical models of juvenile delinquency institutions.

 Captain Hamad Al Samahi provided an insightful overview of the concept of juveniles under UAE law, distinguishing between delinquent juveniles and those at risk of delinquency. He discussed various legal measures applied to juveniles, including electronic monitoring, community service, vocational training, placement in health or juvenile institutions, and judicial probation. Additionally, he highlighted the care programs and rights available to juveniles.

 Ms. Shaima Al Shamsi delivered a detailed explanation of the programs and services offered by the General Directorate of Community Care for juveniles in custody and during aftercare. These services encompass social, psychological, health, family, religious, educational, sports, and vocational training programs. She also outlined the role of social workers in receiving juveniles, assessing their conditions, preparing comprehensive reports, and developing holistic treatment plans focusing on the juvenile, family, and surrounding environment. Moreover, Ms. Al Shamsi emphasized the importance of aftercare programs in helping juveniles overcome challenges to their reintegration into society as positive citizens.

 The lecture concluded with an open discussion, where students had the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from the speakers. Dr. Faisal Al Matalqa, Dean of the College of Humanities and Sciences, honored the guests at the end of the event.

 This lecture is part of USTF's continuous efforts to enable students to connect theoretical knowledge with practical fieldwork, enhancing their professional skills in their area of specialization and better preparing them for the job market and community involvement.

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