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Visit to the Innovation Center at Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation

Thursday, Feb 08, 2024

Based on the role of the University of Science and Technology in Fujairah in serving and enhancing cooperation between the university and community institutions, and in conjunction with Innovation Month in the United Arab Emirates, a number of students in the Psychology Program at the University of Science and Technology in Fujairah visited the Innovation Center at the Fujairah Natural Resources Institution, accompanied by Professor Dr. Sayed Elwakeel, Professor of Psychology at the University.

The visit included an introduction to the natural resources in Fujairah and its significant geographical features, as well as a review of modern methods and techniques in exploring and utilizing these resources. Advanced technology was utilized in detecting natural wealth and resources, along with innovative methods to overcome environmental pollutants. Additionally, various types of rocks and their everyday uses were discussed, along with modern techniques in geographic information systems and aerial surveys. The visit achieved numerous scientific benefits and objectives.