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Vice Chancellor For Administrative & Financial Affairs


The Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs (VCAFA) serves as a strategic advisor to the chancellor and recommends financial objectives, policies, programs and practices that ensure a sound financial structure for the University. The VCAFA in support of the mission and goals of the University oversees the development of policies, programs and practices that will ensure a sound administrative structure, and is responsible for developing a long-term sustainable economic model, which ensures the viability of the University. The VCAFA provides management oversight for financial planning, budgeting and budget analysis, accounting and business operations, finance controls and reporting, campus maintenance and development, risk management, and facilities operation. The (VCAFA) is responsible for the development of a strategic plan for the University that covers overall communications; this encompasses a hands-on role in the execution of social media, website content and design, messaging, marketing and branding activities. The strategic plan will focus on the implementation of a broad range of public relations activities relative to the strategic direction of the University and uphold a strong relation with media executives that will contribute in informing and influencing public opinion.